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Edirne City of Turkey

【InfoDate :2016-03-23】

Edirne City of Turkey

Edirne was known as Hadrian's Fort or Adrianople (Hadrian polis) before, because the Roman emperor Hadrian built and named it. As the capital city of Edirne Province of Turkey, it is located in Maritsa River and Tundzha River’s interchange, close to Greece and Bulgaria, known as the gateway to western Turkey and a defense center. There are dairy products, cotton, silk and soap factories. In 2002, it has a population of 128,400. In 378, the Roman Emperor Valens was killed here in the battle with the Goths, known as the Battle of Adrianople. From 1365 to 1453, it was the capital of the Ottoman Empire. The most famous local event is Krkpnar Wrestling.

On June 11, 2014, Xining City and Edirne City signed "Letter of Intent Between Xining City, Qinghai Province of the People's Republic of China and Edirne City, the Republic of Turkey on the Establishment of Friendship City Relationship."