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Preston City of England

【InfoDate :2016-03-23】

Preston City of England

Preston City is a port city in the west of England. It is the capital of Lancashire and the third largest city of England. It has a population of 130,000 with an area of 144 square kilometers. It is a trading center of the coal, cotton and raw materials and agricultural products distribution center in Lancashire County. Traditional industries are mainly wool, linen and cotton. Modern industries include aircraft, automotive, chemical, synthetic fiber, printing machinery and electrical appliances. It has the UK's largest man-made silk factory. Industries with lead, zinc, antimony, mining smelting and metal processing uranium based. It has unique city-building, education and business development. The city is an important bustling commercial, shopping, entertainment and education center in Lancashire County. Currently, the city's main pillars are military, modern financial services, printing, education and the telecommunications industry. University of Central Lancashire which has a long history is also located in the city.

 On December 17, 2013, Xining City and Preston City formally concluded as sister cities.