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Xining Enters the Top 5 in the Reform Prevailing Trend List in Western China

【Updated :December 03,20 2:46 PM】

Recently, the Third-Party Evaluation Report on the Prevailing Trend of Reform in the Third Quarter of 2020 was released by China Society of Economic Reform in Beijing. The report indicates that among the 31 provincial capital cities whose reform prevailing trend indexes rank top15, Xining’s performance is outstanding in Western China, rising by 6 to enter the top 5. Among 318 sub-provincial cities whose reform prevailing trend indexes rank top15, Xining is in  sixth place with a score of 74.72.
In recent years, with focus on building a model city for green development and a happy Xining, the reform in Xining has been planned from a high perspective, pushed forward with high standard and implemented with high quality. Xining has made    unremitting efforts in   intensifying  reform and pursuing the depth and accuracy of the reform. As a result, new progress, new effectiveness and new breakthroughs have been achieved in the comprehensive and in-depth reform and injected strong impetus into high-quality economic and social development. Xining has taken the lead in advancing city, county, township and village level cross-regional close-integrated medical group construction as well as in green development mechanism and system reform. Xining was praised by the State Council for its reform in  delegating power, streamlining administration and optimizing government services. Its experience of constructing the happy canteens for the senior citizens has been promoted across the country. Its reforms in social security grading and evaluation mechanism and the group-based school running of rural compulsory education have been replicated and promoted throughout the province... By focusing on key areas and highlighting its characteristics, Xining has created a number of "golden brands" for reform.
Xining adheres to new development philosophy and remains steadfast in deepening reform. Through deepening reform, Xining's economy has registered a stable performance with good momentum for growth. Its basic public service guarantee level has been enhanced steadily, social governance has been gradually modernized and the urban security system has been consummated continuously. People in Xining have experienced greater sense of gain, happiness and security.