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The 5th Green Development Forum & Special Signing Ceremony of 2020 Urban Development & Investment Fair of Xining Held in Xining

【Updated :August 05,20 2:54 PM】

On July 23, 2020, the 5th Green Development Forum and special signing ceremony were held in Xining. Wang Xiao, member of the Standing Committee of Qinghai Provincial CPC Committee and Secretary of Xining Municipal CPC Committee, Zhang Xiaorong, Vice Secretary of Xining Municipal CPC Committee and Mayor of Xining Municipal Government, Li Yongping, Vice Secretary of Xining Municipal CPC Committee, Cao Jiansong, Director of Standing Committee of Xining Municipal People’s Congress, Duan Fada, Chairman of Xining Municipal Committee of CPPCC, Kong Lingdong, Member of Standing Committee of Xining CPC Committee and Executive Deputy Director of Administration Committee of Xining Economic & Technological Development Zone, Han Shengcai, Vice Mayor of Xining Municipal Government, and major chiefs from CPC Committees of districts and counties, municipal government and institutions, delegates of signing enterprises and investors attended the signing ceremony. Yang Xiaomin, Vice Mayor of Xining Municipal Government presided over the ceremony.
During the Fair, based on the construction of a beautiful and happy grand Xining on the plateau, we highlighted the vigorous implementation of industrial infrastructure reengineering and industrial chain upgrading projects, sought new outbreaks through five industrial clusters, including lithium battery, photovoltaic solar thermal, non-ferrous alloy high-tech materials, specialty chemicals, biomedicine and deep processing of plateau fauna and flora, as well as the new fields of artificial intelligence, digital economy, business circulation and real estate development. A total of 35 projects were signed with the contract capital being 31.6 billion yuan.
With respect to promoting the level of industrial chain, we gave priority to the layout of strategic new industry and future industry, coordinated and promoted the development of a new generation of information technology to enable economic development, the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries, and the green transformation of traditional industries. A total of 19 projects in lithium copper foil for power batteries, Northwest Water Conservancy Ecological Big Data Industrial Park, polysilicon production, headquarters science and technology innovation base, deep processing of special agricultural black barley on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and the planting and processing base of Chinese herbal medicines were contracted with a contract value of 16.7 billion yuan. With respect to promoting urban transformation and upgrading, we paid more attention to adhering to the people-centered development concept, further optimized the layout of towns, spatial development pattern and productivity layout, and improved the quality of living space. A total of 16 projects in Phase I project of Tangdao Times, Wanke Park, Lanyue·Shangpin, Phase I project of Duoba Cultural & Tourism Town, Moonstar World Plaze, Longzhong Jingyuan Community, Grand Spectacle of Zhonghai Mountains and Lakes, Rainbow Gully Parent-child Plaza, Caojiazai Block, etc. were signed with a contract value of 14.9 billion yuan. With respect to promoting digital economy, we paid more attention to promoting the in-depth application of digital technology in economic development, government governance, and social and people’s livelihoods, and firmly grasped the opportunities and engines of the digital economy to nurture new opportunities in crises and open new games in changes. Strategic cooperation framework agreements with HKUST Xunfei Co., Ltd. and Qinghai Digital Economy Development Group Co., Ltd., were signed, laying a foundation for our city to realize digital and intelligent management services in multiple fields and promote the modernization of urban governance systems and governance capabilities.