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18 Sand Tables: the People of Xining will be More Happy in the Future

【Updated :August 05,20 2:50 PM】

Grand sand tables, small sand tables, electronic sand tables and physical sand tables.
A total of 18 sand tables in Xining Pavilion of the Fair are the highlights of the Pavilion. Citizens gathered around the sand table one after another, looking closely, taking pictures, discussing or signing with emotion.
They are miniatures of key projects and showcase a beautiful and happy grand Xining on the plateau with park city form, beautiful city style, happy city quality to the citizens from a bird-eye view.
The journalist learned from the exhibition site that in the Xining Pavilion, Hall B of Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, there are 18 sand tables of various sizes, including 2 electronic sand tables and 16 physical sand tables. Now, together with the journalist from Xining Evening News, we will appreciate the beauty of the green development model city and happy Xining in the new era from the sand table.
Green Core Sand Tables: Set according to 1:1000 of actual ratio  
The sand table is made by miniaturizing Xibu Ecological Forest Park according to the 1:1000 of the actual ratio, showing the full picture of Green Core of Xining. The project is the ecological green core and development focus of urban space reconstruction in the city's "forest park as the core, Xining and Duoba as double cities, and ring group development in Dongchuan, Xichuan, Nanchuan, Beichuan, Ganhe, Lusha’er, Changning areas," ecological landscape urban development strategy, and it is also a key ecological construction project determined during the city's "13th Five-Year Plan" period. The planned area for the project is 326 thousand mu with its construction period from 2016-2025. Based on the eco-safety pattern of the forestry park, the park is divided into four functional areas: forest tourism zone, ecological conservation zone, development control zone and tourist service zone and consists of 5 scenic areas: Urban Mountain Park Scenic Area, Huoshaogou Scenic Area, Shuitan Plateau Flower Scenic Area, Alpine Oats Scenic Area, Sports Park Scenic Area in Duoba Country.
Sand Table of Garden Expo Park: You will enjoy a sightseeing tour of the Garden Expo Park
This sand table presents a complete picture of the phase I and phase II projects of the Garden Expo Park. Through it, we can see the Garden Expo Park after all construction is completed. It will be a green museum in Xining. Citizens are attracted by a sand table with lucid waters, lush mountains, pavilions and blooming flowers. They are interested in the tour routes and construction progress of the park, and looking forward to seeing it. In August 2015, the decision made by the People’s Government of Xining on constructing Garden Expo Park with 6540 mu of industrial land released the strong signal of our city's unswerving promotion of green development, and took it as a platform carrier to practice Xi Jinping's thoughts on ecological civilization, and strove to explore the practice mode of turning lucid waters and lush mountains into invaluable assets. The layout of the whole park is "one core, one belt, two halls and ten districts". Its construction was started in 2017, and the first phase project was completed and opened to the general public for free. The second phase of construction is planned to be completed next year and will be opened to the general public free of charge in due course.
Sand Table of Cultural & Sports Park in Dayuan Mountain: a Rising Cultural & Sports Center
Following with the instructions of the guide, we could see the background of the sand table is Dayuan Mountain. The football fields, basketball stadiums, green roads, ……are laid out top down. This is the Cultural & Sports Park in Danyuan Mountain of ChengdongDistrict. The park is built with comprehensive hall, basketball stadiums, indoor skating rink and so on. As a multifunctional public site integrating cultural activities, sports and leisure fitness, it will meet the diversified sports and leisure demand of the public.  
Huoshaogou Sand Table: Former Garbage Ditch Turning into Park
The ecological restoration sand table of Huoshaogou is a long strip, each scenic area is marked with different colors and different sceneries from the entrance to the end of the scenic area. The sand table is relatively larger than others in the Fair. Huoshaogou Scenic Area is positioned as the Xiadu Ecological Scenic Area, the back garden for the citizens to enjoy leisure and sightseeing, and the Xiadu branded ecological tourism destination in Xining. The project is layout as one corridor, two belts and three cores. After the completion, it will present a harmonious coexistence of mountains, water, forests, fields, lakes, grasses, people and local culture, with landscape plazas, activities, entertainment, recreational spaces, strolling corridors, wild plantings and commercial functions blooming in urban suburbs.
Shuijingxiang Sand Table: Centennial Lane Transformed Gorgeously
The sand table in front of us is both familiar andunfamiliar to us. That’s right, it is the Shuijingxiang under construction. So what this century-old lanewill be in the future. You will find direct answer from the sand table. Upgrading and reconstruction of cultural tourism block of Shuijingxiang will be implemented in two phases and cover an area of 40 mu.The main target of the project is upgrading and reconstruction of Shuijingxiang Market, Calligraphy and Painting Antique Town of Renmin Street, School for the Deaf and the Dumb and some surrounding residential buildings. The construction consists of diversified culture display, catering and retail, characteristic tourism and commercial block dominated by gourmet courtyards. After completion, it will become Xining's cultural, tourism and business complex with greatest potential.
Sand Table of Shenna Site Park:
Another Park with Splendid Appearance will emerge.
An earth-yellow building stands up from a plot of green land, and the central scenic area is surrounded by criss-cross roads. The project consists of protection shed of Shenna Site, east and northwest tourist service centers, cultural relic protection and utilization facilities, etc. The construction of Shenna Site Park will greatly improve the protection status of Shenna Ruins. Through the development and utilization of ancient site, excellent history and culture will be popularized and the spiritual and cultural needs of the people will be met. It is of great significance to promote the construction of green development model city and park city.