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Inauguration of the 5th Green Development Forum & 2020 Urban Development & Investment Fair of Xining

【Updated :August 05,20 3:23 PM】

The 5th Green Development Forum and 2020 Urban Development & Investment Fair of Xining were inaugurated on July 23, 2020. Wang Xiao, member of the Standing Committee of Qinghai Provincial CPC Committee and Secretary of Xining Municipal CPC Committee declared opening, Wang Guangqian, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of Qinghai University attended the opening ceremony, Du Xiangwan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Senior Scientific Consultant of Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, Li Zhaoliang, Academician of the European Academy of Sciences and Chief Scientist of the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Agricultural Regional Planning Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences attended online opening ceremony. Zhang Xiaorong, Deputy Secretary of Xining Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of the People’s Government of Xining presided over the opening ceremony.
As the capital city at the Yellow River Basin, Xining is the forward base and rear area for the construction of the "Source of Three Rivers" and "China Water Tower" national ecological security barrier, thus its ecological status is significant. In recent years, the people of Xining have carefully studied and implemented eco-civilization idea proposed by President Xi Jinping, firmly established concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, comprehensively implemented major requirements of Four Down-to-earth Tasks, strove for One Superior and Two Excellence, pragmatically promoted six major construction activities, including Green Plateau, Blue Sky and Clear Lakes. The quality of the city’s ecological environment continues to improve, and a modern beautiful and happy Great Xining on the plateau is taking shape. It has successively won the National Civilized City, National Water Ecological Civilized City, National Garden City, National Sanitary City, National Forest City, and National National Unity and Progress Model City, World Tourism City and other awards, and the construction of green development model city and happy Xining in the new era has achieved fruitful results, "picturesque scenery of lucid waters and lush mountains" has become the most beautiful ecological name card of this plateau ancient city.
This year, due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, the Green Development Forum and Urban Development & Investment Fair of Xining are moved to the cloud for the first time through the combination of online and offline methods. "cloud display", "cloud forum", "cloud promotion" and "cloud "Investment" and other series of activities will be held online, offline activities include specialized and three-dimensional display of Xining’s active integration into major national strategies, the positive effects and landmark achievements of promoting ecological civilization construction and high-quality development, full demonstration of the new image of green development and happy Xining, promoting the investment environment, superior products and key projects in an all-round way. Xining will work with all partners, relying on the Green Development Forum and Urban Development & Investment Fair, to further build consensus, integrate development, work together to overcome the pandemic, and jointly write a new chapter of happy Xining in the new era.
Relevant national ministries and commissions, entities and institutions under ministries, industry associations and societies, sister cities and invited cities of Xining City at home and abroad, representatives of well-known domestic and foreign companies and financial institutions, experts and scholars in the field of ecological and environmental protection, chiefs of some provincial and municipal environmental protection departments and relevant departments of Qinghai Province, municipal officials including Li Yongping, Cao Jiansong, Duan Fada, Kong Lingdong, Song Chenxi, Wang Xia, Wang Jianfeng, Guan Xinmin, Yang Xiaomin, the chiefs of Administration Committee of Xining Economic and Technological Development Zone and the chiefs of each park, major chiefs of the CPC Committees and governments of four districts, major chiefs of the governments of three counties, major chiefs of the municipal CPC Committee and the municipal entities attended the opening ceremony.