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Set a Long Journey with Full Strength and Heave Tasks Again

【Updated :April 16,20 11:29 AM】

Set a Long Journey with Full Strength and Heave Tasks Again
           -Excerpted from Report on the Work of the Government made by Zhang Xiaorong, the Mayor of the People’s Government of Xining on the 7th Plenary Session of the 16th Xining Municipal People's Congress
In 2019, we ushered in the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Xining, Qinghai. Encountering the complicated situation of rising risks and challenges at home and abroad, we adhered to Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Committee and Municipal Government of Xining, we fully implemented the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, enhanced Four Consciousnesses (All regions and all government departments have steadily strengthened their consciousness of the need to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, uphold the leadership core, and keep in alignment.), firmly kept Four Self-confidence (Self-confidence on path, theory, system and culture), made efforts to implement Two Maintenance (resolutely maintaining General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core status in Party Central Committee and maintaining the authority and centralized and unified leadership of Party Central Committee), insisted on the general tone of steady progress. Based on the comprehensive deployment of the 13th Provincial CPC Congress, Plenary Session of the Provincial CPC Committee, the 14th Municipal CPC Congress and Plenary Session of the Municipal CPC Committee, we have fully implemented the major requirements of Four Down-to-earth Tasks (Solidly promote the sustained and healthy development of the economy, promote the ecological environment protection in a down-to-earth manner, solidly protect and improve people's livelihood, and strengthen and standardize the political life within the party.), striven to promote One Excellence and Two Superior (taking eco-protection as priority with high-quality development and living), coordinated the work of stabilizing growth, promoting reform, restructuring, benefiting people's livelihood, preventing risks and maintaining stability, promoted the sustainable and healthy development of the economy and society. The objectives and tasks identified at the 5th Plenary Session of the 16th Municipal People's Congress have been better accomplished. Construction of green development model city and happy Xining in the new era has achieved new results and new development.
Looking back to 2019: Development of Xining has taken Firm Strides
【Highlights in 2019】
-A batch of key projects and tasks were strongly promoted so as to highly promote the urban quality. Xinhualian International Tourism City (Aquarium), Panda Pavilion, Ice Hockey Hall and other iconic cultural tourism projects have been completed and put into operation, creating "watching the ocean on the third pole" and "highland panda viewing" and other special tourism products. Fenghuangshan Road and Times Avenue were open to traffic, and the urban traffic pattern with external ring and internal network was more complete, the traffic congestion index decreased by 48.5%. The central Square (north expansion project) was completed and opened. The task of reforming government institutions was completed, and an urban operation and management command center was completed in the lead in the whole province and the modernization of the city's governance system and capacity has been progressing steadily.
-We focused on breaking through some key links and key areas and was more confident in innovation and opening up. The internationally competitive and world-class 20,000-ton carbon fiber project has begun construction. The nation's first sixth-generation lithium battery production line has been complete and the nation's first 200 MW N-type battery project in photovoltaic smart factory has been put into operation. We have formally entered the ranks of national innovative cities, and accelerated the the construction of Qinghai National High-tech Zone which has become a new landmark of innovation-driven in Qinghai. The Xining Comprehensive Bonded Area was approved, filling the gap of high-level opening platform in Qinghai. Huangzhong County was approved to be a district rather than a county of Xining by State Council, which has made significant progress in building a Grand Xining pattern.
-We have spared no efforts to run a plenty of people's livelihood projects, so that the well-being of the people continued to increase. We insisted that more than 80% of fiscal expenditures were used for people ’s livelihood, exchanged the government ’s “thrifty days” for the people ’s “good days”, and completed 30 major livelihood projects in 10 categories that had been committed by the government. Clean Xining has become the city's new business card. A total of 114 streets and bridges decorated with flowers and 9 colorful walkways have added the new look of Garden City. The civic center has become a first-class comprehensive official service platform in China, moving from Medical Union to Healthy Community was selected as one of the top ten new measures for medical reform in the country. 200,000 elderly people were benefited from 169 central kitchens, happy cafeterias and buffets. 38 urban and rural inclusive kindergartens were newly constructed, and 22 schools and social stadium were opened either free of charge or at low fees. The promotion of property services have made the lives of the people more warm and intimate. The eight projects of Happy Xining · High Quality of Life have won unanimous praise from citizens.
【Work in 7 Aspects in 2019】
In the past year, the GDP of Xining increased by 7.5%, the investment in fixed assets belonging to Xining increased by 12.4%, the total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 5%, the disposable income of all residents increased by 8.1%, and the general public budget revenue and expenditure increased by 9.5% and 10.3%, exceeding the 10 billion and 30 billion marks respectively. The city's economy was generally stable with its quality being improved. The main economic indicators have been in line with expectations, staying within a reasonable range, and have stabilized the basic economic development momentum.
-We have resolutely fought against and won three major battles. Preventing and resolving major risks and fighting tough battles are powerful and effective. We have improved the monitoring, early warning, and disposal mechanisms, carried out special rectifications on illegal fund-raising and illegal financial business, etc. We have won the provincial financial ecological construction award for 7 consecutive years. The results of the targeted poverty alleviation campaign have achieved remarkable results. The three counties have successfully caps off the poverty and absolute poverty has been cleared. Huangzhong County won the National Innovation Award for Fighting Against Poverty Alleviation. The fight against pollution has been deepened, and air quality has been at the forefront of the capital cities in Northwest China for five consecutive years. Xining has become the first capital city in the country to be selected as a waste-free city pilot.
-The pace of industrial restructuring were accelerated. Emerging industries had a strong momentum, and the output value of new energy and new materials has increased by 17%. The added value of the high-tech industries above the designated scale increased by 36.6% year-on-year, accounting for 24.6% of the added value of the industries above the designated scale, and the proportion increased by 4.4 percentage points. Continuous efforts were made for scientific and technological innovation, NORD's 4.5-micron lithium-ion battery copper foil technology played a leading role in the world, Jinhe Tibetan Medicine and General Health have been rated as national Little Giant Enterprises on professionalism, refinement, specialization and novelty. Xining Science and Technology Market was officially operated, with more than 440 scientific and technological achievements launched. The modern service industry was growing fast and modern agriculture developed steadily.
-A new pattern with regional coordinated development was established. New breakthroughs were made in the area construction. The infrastructure has been continuously improved, and the construction of Grand Xining has been included in the framework agreement of the ministry-province co-construction of beautiful plateau demonstration towns and cities. Totaling 73 Happy Xining · Green Transportation projects including Wusi Bridge widening were started, 117 roads including Xiguan Bridge widening and Huangzhong Road overpass were opened to traffic, and 24 crossing facilities including those near the People's Park and Tongren Road were put into operation. A total of 96 elevators have been installed in pedestrian underground passages and overpasses. The treatment capacity has been significantly improved, and the coverage rate of eligible residential areas on garbage classification reached 65%, ranking first in Northwest China. Xining has become the first batch of urban physical examination evaluation pilots in the country. Rural rejuvenation was advancing steadily, creating 19 village revitalization demonstration villages and 81 beautiful plateau villages.
-We have continued to intensify ecological construction and protection. Greening, beautifying and coloring progressed hand in hand, the three-year task of land greening was completed one year in advance, and the pilot construction of large-scale forest farms in Huangshui area was continuously put advancing. 10 parks including the park at Labor Road are open to the public. The city's forest coverage rate increased by 1 percentage point to 35.1%. The defense campaign for the blue sky was advanced in depth, and the fine air quality rate was 86% throughout the year. The water ecological environment has improved markedly, the most stringent water resources management has been implemented, and the Four Chaos problem (random occupation, random mining, random pile, random construction) in rivers and lakes have been corrected completely.
-We have made firm improvements in people's livelihood. The people's livelihood was guaranteed firmly and powerfully with 32,000 new jobs in cities and towns created and 395,000 rural labor migrated to urban areas and a registered urban unemployment rate of 2.16%. A pension information service platform 12349 was established to purchase pension services for 56,000 senior citizens. 2250 units of public rental housing were allocated, 1,399 rural dilapidated houses were renovated, and 15,500 units of old residential quarters were comprehensively retrofitted. The urban and rural minimum living standards were raised to 583 yuan per month and 4,300 yuan per year. The quality and effectiveness of public services improved with ten primary and middle schools were put into use, and the proportion of compulsory education over-sized classes fell to 8.2%. Free health check-ups for 179,000 seniors over 65 were carried out. The number of insured serious illnesses has increased from 19 to 44. The Beichuan Branch of the 1st People’s Hospital of Xining has basically been completed.
-We have further promoted reform and opening up. The business environment has been continuously optimized, and the tax and fee reduction policy has been implemented to reduce and exempt corporate taxes and fees of 2.68 billion yuan. Direct electricity trading was promoted and the cost of electricity used by industrial enterprises was reduced by 1.61 billion yuan. The citizen hotline 12345 was awarded the title of Star of Service in the country. Opening up to the outside world has continued to expand. Trade with 78 countries and regions has been realized. 15 international marketing centers and overseas warehouses for specialty products, and 13 imported merchandise exhibition platforms have been established. The city's influence continued to expand.
-The government's own construction was continuously strengthened. The theme education of “Never forget your original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind” was carried out to transform the spirit of struggle inspired by the theme education into a powerful motivation. We acted more consciously in serving the masses, and continuously improved our ability to promote development, strictly implemented the reporting system for major events and the responsibility system for CPC style and clean government construction, and further promoted the construction of a government ruled by law.
Striving for Realizing Good Vision in 2020
General Requirements
Guided by Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, we will fully implemented the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, Central Economic Work Conference and Central Rural Work Conference, firmly implement the basic theory, basic route and basic strategy of the CPC, enhance Four Consciousnesses (All regions and all government departments have steadily strengthened their consciousness of the need to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, uphold the leadership core, and keep in alignment.), firmly keep Four Self-confidence (Self-confidence on path, theory, system and culture), make efforts to implement Two Maintenance (resolutely maintaining General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core status in Party Central Committee and maintaining the authority and centralized and unified leadership of Party Central Committee), fully implement the deployment of the 13th Provincial CPC Congress, the 7th Plenary Session of the 13th Provincial CPC Committee, the 14th Municipal CPC Congress and the Plenary Session of the Municipal CPC Committee, insist on and intensify the comprehensive leadership of the CPC. Focused on the targets and tasks of building a well-off society, we will firmly keep the general tone of steady progress and new development concept. We adhere to ecological priority, green development as the growth coordinate, the supply-side structural reform as the main line and the reform and opening up as the driving force, comprehensively implement the major requirements on Four Down-to-earth Tasks (Solidly promote the sustained and healthy development of the economy, promote the ecological environment protection in a down-to-earth manner, solidly protect and improve people's livelihood, and strengthen and standardize the political life within the party.), and strive to promote One Excellence and Two Superior (taking eco-protection as priority with high-quality development and living), actively be committed to the construction of the Five Model Provinces, cultivate and develop Four Economic Forms, resolutely win the three major battles, continue to do a good job of Six Stability (Stablity in employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment and expectation), continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of industries and cities, continue to enhance people's livelihood, and continuously improve governance efficiency, continue to maintain stable and healthy economic development and social harmony and stability, continue to promote new urbanization and the construction of the Lanzhou-Xining Urban Agglomeration, continue to strengthen the strict and comprehensive governance of the CPC to ensure the comprehensive establishment of a well-off society, and successful completion the 13th Five-Year Plan, basic construction of a green development model city, well-preparation of the city’s 14th Five-Year Plan and creating of Happy Xining in the new era. As a result, an answer sheet of Xining will be assured by the CPC Central Committee and satisfied by the people.
【Four Major Tasks in 2020】
This year is a landmark year in Xining's development history. We will successfully complete the four major tasks of decisively achieving a well-off society in an all-round way, winning the battle against poverty, accomplishing the 13th Five-Year Plan and basically building a green development model city.
【Decisive Achieving a Well-off Society in an All-round Way】 This year is the year when building a well-off society will be accomplished in an all-round manner. We will take the advantages to achieve the target decisively, so as to ensure Four Realizations (optimized eco-environment, green and high-quality development, consummated public services and progressed social undertakings). We will comprehensively improve the quality of life and happiness index of the people, so that the people will enjoy better education, more stable work, more satisfactory income, more reliable social security, higher levels of medical and health services, more comfortable living conditions, and more beautiful environment, share the fruitful results of a comprehensive well-off society.
【Win the Battle Against Poverty】This year is the year of decisive winning for poverty alleviation. We will continue to promote the organic connection between comprehensive poverty alleviation and rural rejuvenation, do a good job in style building in poverty alleviation field, and overcome the impact of the COVID-19. With greater determination and stronger efforts to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation without pause, negligence and relax. We will never let a poor household and marginal household fall behind on the well-off road, and put an end to the historical eradication of absolute poverty!
【accomplishing the 13th Five-Year Plan】This year is the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan. We will get motivated to overcome difficulties, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industries and cities, ensure that people's living standards generally will be improved, the economy will maintain steady growth, the ecological environment will continue to improve, and the citizen’s quality and level of civilization will be significantly improved, and various systems will become more mature and finalized. The beautiful blueprint of the 13th Five-Year Plan will become a reality step by step, so as to lay a solid foundation for the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and step into the 2nd century with steady footsteps.
【Basically Build a Green Development Model City】This year is the year of the sprint to basically build a model city for green development. We will build a model in four areas: development concept, industrial path, urban style, and institutional environment, accelerate the formation of institutional mechanisms, spatial patterns, industrial structures, and production and lifestyle that are compatible with the ecological civilization in the new era, strive to take a new path to achieve green development as a whole in ecologically fragile and underdeveloped areas, and make a contribution to the construction of a beautiful China!
Focus on the Targets, Strenuously Demonstrate New Actions
In 2020, we will unswervingly implement the new development concept, take the initiative to integrate into the Belt and Road Initiatives, ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, Lanzhou-Xining urban agglomeration and other national strategies, and seize the major opportunities of One Excellence and Two Superior (taking eco-protection as priority with high-quality development and living) and construction of Five Model Provinces, focus on building a green development model city and accelerate the construction of a happy Xining in the new era.
Concentrate on Steady Growth of Economy and Intensify Support to Key Fields
We will strengthen economic operation and dispatch, adhere to the two-way development of investment and consumption, make full play of investment, and strive to translate major plans, major policies and major measures into major projects. Focusing on key areas such as Happy Xining · Green Transportation, Project of Education and Medical Service in Tibetan Area, Huangzhong District Infrastructure and Public Service Construction, we will enrich and complete major project reserves, and plan to generate a number of projects with sound investment benefits and strong radiation. We will deepen the reform and innovation of the development zone, give full play to the role of the development zone as the main battlefield, main engine, and main force of the economic development of the whole city, cultivate new kinetic energy, stimulate new vitality, shape new advantages, and build high-quality development-leading zones and real economic development highlands.
Focus on Enhancing Urban Quality and Build Modern Grand Xining on the Plateau
We will highlight the strategic leadership of the plan, promote the implementation of the Grand Xining strategic plan, compile a comprehensive transportation plan, and implement a three-year action plan. We will also speed up the creation of a plateau demonstration city, by relying on the plateau landscape and human resources endowment, seize the opportunity of the plateau beautiful town demonstration province, and build a beautiful plateau city which mainly relies on ecological landscape cities, and based on beautiful towns and countryside. We will create key areas with high standards, make overall plans for coordinated regional development, give play to the comparative advantages of each county, promote disparate and differentiated development, and accelerate the formation of a coordinated, complementary, and high-quality regional economic layout. In addition, we will improve urban and rural infrastructure, promote Happy Xining · Green Transportation, promote the construction of a sponge city in the whole region, start the third phase of the underground common trench, and put more efforts to the construction of rural infrastructure.
Focus on Major National Strategies to Promote High-level Development of Xining
We will deeply integrate into the Belt and Road construction, promote the planning and construction of the Xining Comprehensive Bonded Area to ensure its operation at the end of the year. We will seize the opportunities for ecological protection and high-quality development strategies in the Yellow River Basin, work together for overall protection, promote large-scale governance, carry out systematic comprehensive improvement of the Huangshui River Basin and aquatic ecological restoration, and implement 9 projects in Shishan Gully of Datong and Yesi Gully of Huangyuan and other areas, as well as management of 20 channels. We will accelerate the development of the Lanzhou-Xining urban agglomeration, explore new models and new paths for central cities leading the development of the urban agglomeration, build a closer community for stakeholders, and play a better A Tale of Two Cities (Lanzhou and Xining).
Focus on Pushing Forward High-quality Development, Speed up the Establishment of Modernized Economic System
We will enhance the basic capabilities of the industry and the modernization level of the industrial chain, seize the precious opportunities of the clean energy demonstration province, and build advanced manufacturing clusters. The energy storage battery market will be targeted by the lithium battery industry, and the construction of CALT Phase II and BYD's PACK production line have been completed. The enterprises such as Asia Silicon which relies on photovaltaic and photo-thermal Huanghe Hydropower New Energy yielded steadily or more. Phase I of photo-thermal Industrial Park was completed to strive to the operation of projects of Jinko Solar. We will vigorously develop modern agriculture, center on the co-construction of green organic agricultural and livestock product demonstration provinces by Ministries and provinces, develop high-quality agricultural and livestock products, and build a modern agricultural industrial system. We will also focus on improving the modern service industry, promote the extension of production service industry to specialization and the high-end value chain, accelerate the upgrading and transformation of Chaoyang Logistics Park, and complete Qinghai Silk Road (International) Logistics Town, strengthen the guidance of Four Economic Forms, optimize the industrial structure, and foster the development of new economy, new business and new momentum.
Focus on Creating High-quality Life, Effectively Guarantee and Improve People’s Livelihood
We will try our best to improve people's livelihood and build a "15-minute happy life circle." All efforts will be made to stabilize employment and increase income. A total of 31,000 new jobs will be created in cities and towns, and 350,000 rural workers will migrated to urban areas to realize the dynamic resettlement of zero-employment families. We will also improve the quality of education and medical care. 24 projects including Nanchuan Middle School will be launched with 13,000 new positions, and over-sized classes in compulsory education will be basically eliminated. We will fully support the construction of Xining University. Besides, great importance will be attached to solve the problem of the senior citizens and the preschool children that the Happy Nursing Project will be promoted and inclusive policies for preschool education will be valued. We will also strengthen housing security that 15,000 old residential houses and 3,000 shantytowns will be retrofitted, 70 elevators in multi-story houses will be installed. We will also promote three-year rectification of property services. We will do our best to handle 33 livelihood affairs in 10 major categories with great care, and create more well-being for the people in the new year.
Focus on the Priority of Eco-protection, Push forward Green Development to a New Level
We will actively integrate into the construction of the National Park Demonstration Province, take the first National Park Forum as an opportunity, implement the Xining Consensus, and position happy Xining in lush mountains and lucid waters, so that ecological beauty can become a sustainable welfare for citizens. We will resolutely fight against pollution, implement projects such as automatic online monitoring of VOC emission enterprises, and carry out emissions control in key industries such as thermal power and cement. We will start the ecological management of the Xichuan River, and promote the comprehensive improvement of Nanchuan and Beichuan rivers, speed up the construction of park city, continue to improve the ecological environment, complete land greening of 400,000 mu, coverage rate of forest reached 36%. A total of 8 green landscapes and parks including Lianhu and Shangbeicheng will be constructed so that the the per capita green space will be increased by another 0.5 m2 to 13 m2.
Focus on Reform and Innovation, Enhance Development Dynamics and Vitality
We will accelerate the planning and construction of the National High-tech Zone in Qinghai, start a new round of national innovative city construction, launch Qinghai Science and Technology City, guide enterprises to settle in university science parks, and promote the construction of 5 innovation platforms, covering Chinese and Tibetan medicines, biomedicine and other fields, accelerate the agglomeration of science and technology Resources in high-tech zones to create a innovation-driven demonstration zone across the province. We will also deepen the reform in key areas, strengthen financial support, fully support the development of the private economy, build pro-clear government-business relations, and promote more private enterprises to grow larger and stronger in Xining.
Focus on Co-construction, Co-governance and Co-sharing, Improve the Governance Efficiency of Modern Cities
We will optimize the government governance system, improve the level of refined urban governance, and promote the integration of network and street chief systems. Relying on the city's comprehensive operation management and command center, the One Network Management will be realized. A big municipal administration and maintenance model will be established to comprehensively improve the level of municipal administration and maintenance. We will expand pilots for the classification of domestic waste, so that 90% of residential areas will meet standards, and start a power generation project through waste incineration, and basically build a domestic waste classification and treatment system and further promote the pilot project of waste-free city. We will deepen the city's cleansing, façade space purification and beautification actions to create the cleanest plateau city. We will strengthen social governance innovation, consolidate and improve the results of the special struggle to eliminate gangsters and evils, continue to promote the construction of safe Xining, and deepen the management of chaotic industries phenomenon. We will establish a list of major safety risk prevention and control responsibilities, strengthen supervision of key areas such as road traffic, special equipment, and hazardous chemicals, and resolutely curb the occurrence of major accidents.
Pragmatically Promote Government Self-construction
The key to doing a good job this year is to solidly promote the government's own construction. The achievements of the theme education of “Never forget your original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind” must be transformed into powerful measures to solve development problems, improve work efficiency, and promote high-quality development. We should better handle with the system construction between everlasting subject and lifetime subject.
【Strengthen Political Construction】We should enhance Four Consciousnesses, Keep Four Confidence and achieve Two Maintenance, resolutely implement the leadership of the CPC for all the work to the full and complete process of government work, implement decision-making deployment and requirements of CPC Central Committee, municipal and provincial CPC Committees. Unswervingly temper the political quality of loyalty and responsibility.
【Strengthen Construction of Rule of Law】We should carry forward the spirit of the Constitution, strengthen the awareness of the Constitution, perform statutory duties, and carry out in-depth demonstration and creating activities for the construction of a government ruled by law. We should also consciously accept the supervision of the People's Congress, the CPPCC, and all parties, comprehensively promote the openness of government affairs, and unblock the channels of public opinion and social supervision.
【Strengthen anti-corruption Construction】We should strictly implement the main responsibilities for the construction of the CPC's work style and clean government, earnestly fulfill the "one position with two responsibilities", and further reduce general expenditures and "three public consumption (public spending on government cars, overseas trips and official receptions)". We should also promote full coverage of audit supervision, strengthen education and management on clean government for official leaders, and work hard to solve the problems of unhealthy practices and corruption around the people.
【Strengthen Party Style Construction】We must abstain from formalism and bureaucracy, establish a system of "good and bad evaluation" of government services, put the "voting device" of evaluation into the hands of the masses, continuously improve administrative efficiency and service levels, and strive to build a service-oriented government that the people are satisfied with.