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Festival activities

【Updated :March 03,16 2:23 PM】

End of March-early April: Qinghai TibetanCarpet International Exhibition

April: Guide and Yellow River Cultural TourFestival & Pear Blossom Festival

May: Tulip Festival, Qinghai, China

June: Qinghai Investment & Trade Fair

July: Tour of Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race

July: International Sand Carving Festivalaround Qinghai Lake Sand Island

July: Qinghai Ethnic Cultural Tour Festival

July: Menyuan Rape Flower Festival

July: Huangnan Regong Art Festival

July: Yushu Horse Racing Festival

August: Xunhua International Extreme Challengeof Crossing the Yellow River

August: Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival

August: French Long-distance Racing of the Silk Road

August: China Salt Lake City & KunlunCultural Tour Festival

September: China Qinghai SanjiangyuanInternational Photography Festival

November: International Halal Food Fair